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February 14, 2008


Jeff Doehner

The Great Lakes Compact to regulate all inland water sources as supported by certain State Representatives must be stopped dead in its tracks. Inland waters not only consist of the Great Lakes but also the whole Great Lakes watershed. This includes but is not limited to ponds, streams, rivers and even the aquifers under our properties. The supporters of this policy want to actually meter private water wells and charge people for using what is rightfully theirs. People are losing their rights and more and more of their money everyday and we can’t sit back and let this go on any longer. Just because the water on or under our properties eventually flows back into the Great Lakes does not make it theirs while it’s actually under our property. The majority of supporters do not even live in the great lakes watershed. The powers to be are trying to slip this through with “clarifying language” but this is a smokescreen. It is basically another energy grab! We do not need the compact as we already have a federal law protecting diversion of the Great Lakes. If our water is in a state trust our God given right to water will be in the hands of a few and they can revoke our right to our own water at anytime. The air we breathe eventually flows away from our house. Do they want to regulate the air and eventually and charge us for it? When are people going to wake up and put a stop to all this nonsense?

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