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May 23, 2008


Oran Kelley

What does Jim Olson know about GATT and NAFTA anyhow, aside from the fact that he can scare folks by writing or saying those acronyms.

If Olson and his fellow quasi-religious enthusiasts would get the Ice Mountain plant out of the foreground for one minute, I think two things would become clear 1) Bottled water is just not that important an issue, and the more what we do becomes distorted by Olson's Ice Mountain obsession, the MORE likely some sticky legal issue will arise with the compact. Bottled water should just be treated like any other product primarily containing water--soft drinks, beer, watermelons, whatever. Whether or not any of these products leave the blessed Great Lakes basin matters little, unless you are a frothing-at-the-mouth bioregionalist . . . in which case please wipe the froth from your mouth before leaving the basin.

2)Real water protection legislation should be primarily aimed at regulating USE--aggregate use and particular allowable uses--not export, as useful as the pipeline bugaboo is as a rabble-rouser.

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