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December 04, 2009


Pissing Me Off to No End

want to know why only one dead asian carp has been found after the water was poisoned over in illinois ????

because dead asian carp SINK to the bottom and normally do not float to the top.


and not only do the asian carp post a HUGE danger and threat to the Great Lakes but ALSO TO ALL rivers, creeks and streams that flow into the Great Lakes.


Much of the talk about the threat of Asian carp focuses on its impact on the Great Lakes, but as Carl Ruetz puts it, "they would probably have the largest impacts on the tributaries."

West Michigan rivers such as the Grand potentially could be good habitats for the non-native fish, said Ruetz, an associate professor with Grand Valley State University's Annis Water Resources Institute.

And what happens if the carp thrive?

"Silver carp, especially, can reach really astronomically high densities," he said. "They're a threat to boaters. I'm sure a lot of folks have seen the videos where they hear boat motors [and] jump out of the water. They can reach 50 to 100 pounds as an adult, so that's a large fish."

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